Course Code and Name: AST310 Solar Physics

Course Content: To give the knowledge about our Sun as a star: basic, physical and chemical properties; internal and atmospheric structure; solar activity phenomena and effects to the Earth. Dersin İçeriği (İngilizce) Basic Solar properties, the energy output of the Sun, Solar constant. Solar spectrum. The photosphere of the Sun and limb darkening. The Sun as a star: The atmosphere and interior of the Sun. Thermonuclear reactions for energy production in the Sun, Solar neutrino. Heliographic coordinates of the sunspots. Sunspots and the rotation of the Sun, SOHO observation. Classification, development and magnetic properties of sunspots. Solar activity: Photospheric phenomenae, the sunspot cycle. Butterfly diagram, the Maunder minimum. The Solar magnetic field, the Babcock model. Chromosphere of the Sun and chromospheric activity. Corona, coronal structure of the Sun, coronal X-ray emission, solar radio observations. Influence of the Solar activities, Brief discussion on evolution of the Sun.

Credits: National: 2 (2,0,0) – ECTS: 3


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