Course Code and Name: AST101 Stellar Chemical Abundance Analysis

Course Aim: This course aims to discuss the current astrophysical information on the road to the elemental abundances determinations in the stellar atmospheres. The standard method of the high resolution spectral analysis technique (fine analysis) is examined in detail as well as the use of the more powerful technique of spectral synthesis. Through the high resolution spectral analysis technique (fine analysis), it gives the knowledge about the measurement of spectrograms in the optical region, normalization of the stellar spectra, the measurement of the line equivalent widths, estimation of the rotational velocity, identification of the elements in the stellar atmospheres, and determination of the atmosphere parameters. Comparison is also made with theories of galactic elemental abundances.

Course Content: Spectral line identification, main processes for the broadening of spectral lines, line equivalent width measurement, stellar atmospheric parameters, model atmospheres, chemical abundances, synthetic spectra and stellar rotation velocity.

Credits: National: 3 (3,0,0) – ECTS: 5